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Recording garbage truck sound effects in Orange County, California

When we lived in Costa Mesa, California a very loud garbage truck would come into our neighborhood to pick up and empty everyone’s pins. You probably aren’t surprised when I mention that every garbage truck sound is unique depending on the location, engine, how full the truck is, and even who is driving it!

While capturing this Garbage Truck Sound Effects Library, even though the sounds of a rubbish truck may seem mundane, I knew it was something I had to record. Every time I power on my recorder I know that I’m archiving a sound that someone may need someday!


You will hear…

– the power of the engine while the truck empties the bins
– the squeaking of the brakes when the truck backs up
– the beeping noise of the reverse gear
– an airplane fly over from the John Wayne Airport
– the puffing noise from the hydraulic
– the truck placing the bin back on the street
– birds before another beeping noise
– the truck goes back and forth
– a bottle rumble sounds in the trash

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