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Recording Garage Door Sound Effects Opening and Closing

Are you in search of the perfect spooky and creepy sound effect for your sound design project? Look no further! While visiting Libby’s sister’s home in Iowa, we discovered an incredible sound begging to be recorded – the garage door.

This one-floor home has an attached garage that can fit two large vehicles, and the electronic garage door has been running since the early 2000s. Despite its relatively modern age, the door produces an incredibly squeaky sound that evokes feelings of dread and unease.

With the Zoom H6 in hand, we recorded the sound from both inside and outside the garage. From inside, we opened and closed the door a total of three times, while from outside we closed and opened it twice. And with the recording taking place at 6 am, you can also hear the gentle chirping of birds in the background!

But that’s not all – this sound library also includes other electronic garage door sounds that were recorded in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While walking down a side street, we stumbled upon a person opening a door and creating a fantastic squeaking sound. After asking them to open and close the door again, we captured the perfect sound for your project.

So whether you’re in need of garage door sound effects for your next horror film, podcast, or music production, our library has got you covered. 


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