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14 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 5 GB • 70 min


Recording wind at night in Zagreb

Get ready for a night of spooky and dynamic wind sounds with our Free Wind Sound Library from Zagreb. We’ve recorded these sounds in a residential neighborhood in Zagreb, during a September night in 2020.

As we walked around the neighborhood, we noticed the unique and calming wind that was blowing through the trees and between the buildings. That’s when we decided to set up our microphones and start recording.

This sound library includes 14 recordings, each five minutes long, of the dynamic and eerie winds of Zagreb at night. The recordings capture not only the soft rustling of leaves and branches, but also the occasional high-pitched cicada and the sounds of a nearby flagpole.

For those looking to create an atmospheric and spooky soundscape, this sound library is perfect. The sounds of the parking garage door opening and closing in the middle of the night add an extra layer of ambience to the recordings.

And the cherry on top? These Zagreb winds at night sounds are completely royalty-free, giving you the freedom to use them for any project you have in mind, without any restrictions or worries. So, gear up with your headphones, dim the lights and get ready to be transported into the mysterious, spooky atmosphere of Zagreb at night.

It’s always a great feeling to know the origin of the sounds you’re using and to have peace of mind that they are obtained from a trustworthy source. So, don’t take any chances with unreliable websites or sources that may jeopardize the quality and legality of your work.

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