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53 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 9 GB • 95 min


Free Subway and Metro Sound Effects Tbilisi Georgia

If you’re looking for free subway and metro sound effects, look no further than our Metro Sound Library, recorded during our stay in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

The Tbilisi Metro is a rapid transit system consisting of two lines and 23 stations. It is known for its unique station architecture and artwork, featuring mosaics, statues, and murals. During our 1.5 month stay in Tbilisi, we were able to record the sounds of the subway and underground stations, capturing the distinct character of many locations.

This is by far one of the most detailed underground sound libraries we have ever recorded, and we enjoyed being in such unique places to record and archive the ambience. Our Metro Sound Library contains 53 different tracks and is almost 10 GB in size. We recorded the arrivals, departures, and pass-bys of the trains inside the underground train stations as well as outside in locations like Didube.

From the busy stations to the quiet and eerie ones, we captured the unique ambiance of each location. Rustaveli, for example, is a metro station that is 60 meters underground, and recording the escalator going up and down was a joy. In addition to the station ambiance, we also recorded the interior of various subways while driving, resulting in a diverse collection of subway and metro sound effects.

These sounds are perfect for post-production, video games, and sound design. Whether you’re creating a city soundscape, designing a subway simulator, or just want to add some urban ambiance to your project, our Metro Sound Library has got you covered.


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