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Recording party blower sound effects

So as a field recordist stuck at home during lockdown, I had to get creative with my time. That’s when I had the idea to record the sounds of party blowers! I went to our local E.Leclerc grocery store and found an array of fun toys and party favors, so I bought 12 different types of party blowers to record.

With my trusty Wildtronics Stereo parabolic microphone connected directly to my Zoom F6, and the Soundman OKM Rockstudio binaural in-ear microphone attached to my Zoom F8n, I recorded all 12 party blowers in two different setups simultaneously. The result? A total of 31 variations of party blower sound effects!

These sound effects are not only perfect for projects like birthday parties, celebrations, or New Year’s Eve, but they’re also great for music production. In fact, I’ve already created some fun beats in Ableton 10 using these sounds.

And the best part? All of these sounds are royalty-free, so you can use them in your personal or commercial projects without any worries. So if you’re looking for some free fun and festive sound effects, look no further than these party blowers! Also, if you’re looking for binaural sound effects and ambience recording, several of these recordings are binaural.


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