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Free Organ Sound Effects from Zadar, Croatia

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting sound for your next project, you might want to check out the Sea Organ of Zadar. This natural musical instrument was created by the architect Nikola Basic and works by the movement of the sea.

Located in the beautiful harbor town of Zadar, Croatia, the Sea Organ is a must-visit destination for any sound enthusiast. When my partner and I visited the town in late summer, we went directly to the Sea Organ after checking into our Airbnb. It was a beautiful walk along the coast and we were able to witness a breathtaking sunset.

The Sea Organ is a 70-meter long stretch of stone stairs with seven different steps. It contains 35 polythene pipes in different sizes and lengths that create different tones with the incoming waves and pressure of the water. The sound is constantly changing and unique, creating a never-ending musical experience.

I recorded the Sea Organ with my Sennheiser MKH 8040 in an ORTF setup for the stereo image, and used a Deity S Mic 2S shotgun microphone placed close to the exit and entry holes for a more direct sound. I also used the Usi Pro by Lom, which are omnidirectional microphones placed over two individual air holes to capture the sound of breathing between the concrete.

If you’re planning to record at the Sea Organ, it’s important not to push your microphones into the holes to avoid damaging the capsule or distorting the recording. I spent over two hours recording these sounds and it was worth it.

The Sea Organ is a unique project, with only a few others like it found around the world. Some similar projects include the Wave Organs in San Francisco, the Blackpool High Tide Organ in the United Kingdom, the Chillida’s Comb of the Wind in San Sebastián, the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, and the Singing Ringing Tree in the United Kingdom.

I hope you enjoy listening to the Sea Organ recordings and that they inspire you to create something new. These sounds are great for post-production, music production, sound design, and more.


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