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Free Airbus 321 Interior Sound Effects Library

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Free Airbus 321 Interior Sound Effects Library

Looking for exciting new aircraft interior sound effects? Look no further than our Airbus 321 NEO sound library! Our adventure began in Istanbul, where we were set to embark on a new journey to Malta. The flight was scheduled for 8:30 am, and as soon as we boarded the plane, the pilot announced that the wings would need to be de-iced due to the snow.

Did you know that de-icing an airplane is a costly process, and can cost up to $6,000 depending on how many gallons it takes? We were lucky enough to fly in a new Airbus 321 NEO, which we recorded during the de-icing process and other interior sound effects.

As we took off in the snow and wind, it was a new and exciting experience that we captured in our recordings. During the flight, we captured the sounds of breakfast service, including the rustling of sealed paper lunch boxes, and the sound of descent and landing process – including turning, wheels out, and touchdown.

We even recorded the aircraft swinging from left to right and back after the pilot stepped hard on the brakes upon landing. The stewardess quickly turned on the music and our recording came to a halt as we got off the plane and proceeded to the health check and baggage claim.

To capture these sound effects, we used the Zoom H1n field recorder and the Soundman OKM Rockstudio microphones. If you’re looking for exciting and immersive aircraft interior sound effects, look no further than our Airbus 321 NEO sound library!


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