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57 files • 24 bit / 96-192 kHz • 350 MB • 5 min


Folding Chair Creaking Sound Effects Denver High School Auditorium

Denver East High School is a Denver Historic Landmark established in 1876, and a treasure trove of amazing sounds waiting to be captured. During two fantastic days of audio recording, I roamed the school grounds capturing sounds from all areas, including the auditorium.

The auditorium, built in 1925, still boasts many original fixtures and accents, providing an exceptional atmosphere for sound recording. The sound library I created showcases the unique audio of the chairs, the curtains on the stage, and the room tone of the auditorium.


Experience the Sound of Flipping Chairs

One of the key features of the auditorium’s sound library is the flipping up and down of the chairs, fixed on two metallic arms. With 50 chairs recorded, each having its own unique sound, you can download them separately to use in your projects.


Relax to the Gentle Atmosphere

The air systems in the auditorium, located underneath the chairs, create an interesting and relaxing atmosphere, with air blowing gently throughout the space. I recorded the room tone from both the front of the auditorium and the backstage area, where I also recorded another great sound effect.


The Majestic Curtain Sounds

The stage of the auditorium boasts two large curtains, a red one in front of the stage and a black one covering the actors as they prepare. I recorded the opening and closing of the curtains using the Wildtronics SAAM microphone on stage and a close-up of the rope with the pulley.

Fun Fact: Denver East High was the filming location for The Frey’s music video for ‘Over My Head,’ showcasing the auditorium.


Best Field Recording Equipment for the Best Quality

I used the Zoom F8n, Wildtronics SAAM, and the Zoom H3 VR to record the Empty Auditorium Sound Effects. All recordings are meta tagged with keywords and available in 192-24 & 96-24 wav. Whether you’re a film maker, sound designer, or simply an audio enthusiast, this sound library is sure to impress.

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