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Flowing Water Sounds Colorado

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Recording Flowing Water Sounds colorado

Listen to the Power of Colorado’s Rivers in Aspen

Last summer, I embarked on a journey to capture the awe-inspiring power of Hunters Creek in Aspen, Colorado. With the high elevations still covered in snow, the rivers were flowing even stronger, creating a breathtaking and dangerous soundscape.


Hiking to the Source of Strength

I hiked down the trail and recorded the river’s strong flow at 15 different locations. Originating from Independence Lake in Pitkin County, Hunters Creek has been a popular spot for hunting and fishing for years.


Experience the Power of Nature

Whether you’re a fan of strong rivers or just love the natural beauty of Aspen, Colorado, Hunters Creek is a must-visit location that should be on your list. This sound library showcases the raw power and beauty of Colorado’s rivers and is perfect for those who appreciate the sounds of nature.


Recording the Essence of Hunters Creek

To fully record the essence of Hunters Creek, I used top-of-the-line equipment, including my beloved Sennheiser MKH 8040 and the Ambient ASF2, to record both above and below the water. Experience the full power of nature with this stunning new nature sound library.


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