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Best field recording gear for beginners

Get ready to explore the exciting world of field recording with our list of high-quality and essential equipment. With this gear, we’ve been able to capture incredible sounds from the Rocky Mountains to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

We’ve divided our equipment into four sections – field recording devices, microphones, accessories & camera gear to make it easy for you to find exactly what you need.

Our comprehensive list covers just about everything we bring on our travels, except for our clothes!

If you’re just starting out and want to know what gear is best for field recording, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our article on “How to Get Started with Field Recording.”

With our help, you’ll be able to capture authentic sounds from all around the world in no time. So, dive in and let’s start recording!


Reflecting on our sound journey in Cambodia, it’s quite remarkable to think that we managed to capture everything using just a humble Zoom H1 recorder. Since then, we’ve been on a wild ride, traveling the world and amassing more and more gear to help us capture even better sounds.

We’re always on the hunt for new microphones and recording devices to add to our collection. Recently, we got our hands on the Sony PCM D100, and needless to say, we’re excited to put it to use on our next adventure.

We believe in transparency and aren’t afraid to share our success and the gear with you. Do you aspire to become a successful field recordist traveling the world? All the gear listed below has helped us achieve our dreams, and we believe it can do the same for you too.

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Libby and I are committed to capturing sounds from all corners of the globe and sharing them with you. Over the past eight years, we’ve journeyed to some truly amazing places, experimenting with a variety of recording techniques and gear to ensure we deliver the best possible audio.

Our audio gear arsenal is packed with microphones, wind protection, hydrophones, and other unique sound design gadgets that help us recording those one-of-a-kind recordings. We’ve experimented with a multitude of gear options, but the microphones we’re currently using are absolutely top-notch.

Our recordings have significantly improved, and we’ve built an incredible community who appreciate what we do and our recordings.

We take immense pride in our gear, recognizing it as a key factor that sets us apart. It’s important to note that we’re not sponsored or supported by any company and purchase all our gear ourselves. Everything we use is not only tested by us, but also used to create the sounds you can find on our Bandcamp account or inside the All In One Bundle.

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The accessories we’ve listed below have truly made a difference in our work. They’ve simplified our field recording sessions and have been a great help when we’re in a rush to record. It’s not just about having a microphone and a recorder – bags, nanopoles, tripods, power options, and headphones all play a part. Sometimes, it’s the smaller things, the ones you might not initially consider, that can really enhance your recording experience.

CAMERA & Photography GEAR

You might be wondering, with all this audio gear, what about video? Did you know we also run a YouTube channel dedicated to field recording, which requires its own set of equipment?

Libby, a passionate street photographer and videographer, loves capturing images that we share on our social media, use on our website, or as video thumbnails. However, most of the photos we take are cherished as personal memories. Below, you’ll find all our video and camera gear. This is the equipment we currently use to create our YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, and street photography!

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Who would have thought a handy sound recorder in Cambodia would lead us here?

Hi there we’re Marcel and Libby and every sound on this site has been recorded by us. For nearly 7 years, we’ve been traveling around the world recording unique sounds for others to use! 

If you’re curious and want to learn more about our journey traveling full-time as sound recordists you can read on here or on CNN Travel.

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