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Festivals Crowds Sound Effects -Queima das Fitas -Porto

Recordings Festivals Crowds Sound Effects & City Ambience in Porto, Portugal

The Burning of Ribbons or Queima das Fitas is a festive festival that always begins on the first Friday of May. Luckily we spent one week in Porto when this traditional festival took place and I was able to record some amazing crowd sounds.

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A festival that has it roots in the University of Coimbra, which is the oldest university in the country, and was for centuries the only university in Portugal.

Queima das Fitas, Porto Portugal

Queima das Fitas in Porto

We came across the biggest parade that happened that week and joined the parade with thousands of other people in downtown Porto. 

For the recording, I used the Roland Binaural microphones with the Zoom H1 and recorded these festivals crowds sound effects out of my ears. These binaural microphones are great for crowd and walla recordings but if it gets a little bit windy, there is no way you can avoid wind noise without a proper windjammer. 

Festivals Crowds Sound Effects

As you see in the photo, I used the foam that came with the Roland microphones. I heard Roland doesn’t have them in the box anymore and I personally didn’t like the foam at all. Not only it looks weird they fall off all the time.

What Festivals Crowds Sound Effects can you expect

When I was there recording I was surrounded by a few thousand people and the soundscape was insane. You will listen to:

-large crowd noise, cheering, screaming, chanting and singing students, clapping sounds, footsteps and walking sounds,  drums  and trumpets playing in the background, whistle sounds, the typical sound when the students hit the hat with a stick, 

Everything sounds like a huge protest and the students and the people that are around having fun and it is a very festive and good mood.

But this is not all. I added a few bonus tracks within this library. I recorded city sounds in the market streets in Porto and you can expect these sound effects:

Binaural Field Recording

-city soundscape with lots of people chatting and passing by, students singing in the streets, cars passing by, lots of footsteps a person cought, construction in the background, street musician, car honks and Police sirens in the background.

Queima das Fitas & Harry Potter

Did you know that J.K Rowling got her inspirations for Hogwart and her first Harry Potter book while living in Porto?

Festivals Crowds Sound Effects

She lived a few years in this wonderful city and found her inspiration from the famous library Livraria Lello and the traditional student’s costumes are very similar to the one that the students wearing at Hogwarts.

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