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Ferryboat and Seagulls Korea

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Ferryboat and Seagulls Korea

During my stay in Seoul on Yeongjong Island near Incheon Airport, I ventured into the vast urban landscape. A ferry ride to Wolmi Do Park, connecting Yeongjongdo and Wolmido, became a highlight. The 30-minute journey offered a canvas for capturing diverse sounds.

Seagulls, attracted by passengers’ food at the ferry terminal, created a lively audio backdrop. Onboard, I seized the sounds of engine rumble, exhaust whispers, waves dancing against the ship, and the ambient buzz of the waiting room. Even the creaking doors, crew announcements, and the distinctive, nostalgically toned radio voice enriched the soundscape.

My spontaneous recording session concluded at the next terminal, where the ambience of seagulls and waves against concrete filled the air. Just as a crew member politely informed me of the impending return, I wrapped up, preserving the spirit of the ferryboat and seagulls in Korea.

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