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Kagoshima ferry ambience

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Ship Interior Sound Library Japan

We took the ferry from Kagoshima to Sakurajima and it was an amazing experience. The journey on the exterior upper deck of the ferry was breathtaking with the smoking volcano in the background and the sound of the waves splashing against the side of the ferry.

I was equipped with the Sound Devices Mix Pre 6ii and the Schoeps DMS kit to record this unique soundscape of the journey. I tried to find some unique sounds and recorded the sound of the waves from several sides, the exhaust, the loud engine and the metallic vibrations.

You can also hear the sound of the plastic cover flapping in the wind and light chatter of several passengers in the background.

On our way back from Sakurajima to Sakurajima, I decided to go down to the car parking area and record the ambience on the lower deck. The area was empty with no cars or people present and a great location to record the ambience.  But it was impossible to record inside the cabins because of the music. Before the ferry left the harbor I was able to record the sound of the ferry walk gate being automatically retrieved.


What else did I record?

I included several seaside ambience recordings as well plus a recording of another ferry leaving Kagoshima harbor.

Waves splash, alarm signal beeps, the ferry closes the stern door and a quick announcement from the captain.

As another ferry left the harbor, the sound of the strong engine can be heard and the waves became stronger, hitting the shore.

During that time of the recording the sound of a dog barking in the background added a unique touch.

We’re excited to share these unique soundscapes with you and the world.


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