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Welcome to the bustling city of Istanbul! If you’re planning to move around the city, taking a taxi is an affordable, comfortable, and convenient option. And if you’re a sound enthusiast, you know there’s an added bonus to taking taxis: recording unique and authentic sounds.

Taking a taxi ride in Istanbul is a great opportunity to capture some ambient sound for your projects. But keep in mind that the interior driving sounds and the exterior acoustics are the ones you should aim to record. So, try not to engage in conversations during the ride to avoid unwanted noise.

During one of our taxi rides from Kadikoy near the Akasha Mall to Moda, we recorded the regular traffic sounds along with an ambulance siren in the distance and a call to prayer. These ambient sounds can be great background tracks for films, video games, podcasts, or animations.


How to Avoid Taxi Scams in Istanbul

If you’re new to Istanbul and not familiar with taking taxis, there are some precautions you should take to avoid being scammed. The official taxis in Istanbul are always yellow with a “Taksi” sign on top and a number on both doors.

Since Uber is no longer operating in Istanbul, the best alternative is to download the BiTaksi app to avoid conflicts or scams.


Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when using a taxi in Istanbul:

  • Take a screenshot of the fare each time you book a ride
  • Check the license plate number and ensure it matches the one in the app
  • Double-check the driver’s image in the app
  • Make sure the fare manually typed by the driver in the app matches the initial fare
  • Ensure the driver follows the route calculated by the app
  • If paying cash, show the driver the bill you will give him first and say the amount out loud
  • Leave a rating for the driver based on your experience


I hope you found these sound recordings and tips useful. Happy exploring and happy recording!


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