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Deity d4 Duo real world test

Explore the new Deity D4 Duo microphone as we explore Croatia!

Another microphone real-world test review and this time we take you to Croatia!
Come with us while we visit a small village called Rastoke and wander around the gorgeous upper town of Zagreb (and some surprises along the way!) This time we took the new Deity D4 Duo ultimate vlogging microphone with us!

A huge thank you to Deity for sending us this lightweight camera microphone to try out. We didn’t know what to expect from this microphone and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to try it out in our real world test video!

Is this the best vlogging microphone on a budget? Let’s find out!

Deity D4 Duo real world test

Deity D4 Duo key features (at a glance)

– Dual Capsule Microphone

– Weighs only 1.4 oz (40 grams)

– Two separate windjammers

– Rycote shockmount

– Doesn’t require batteries

This little microphone packs a big punch with out a high cost (currently just $90!) In the past we used a Deity V Mic D3 Pro and a Rode Video Mic Pro. Both didn’t have windjammers and only came with a foam. When vlogging we would limit ourselves with windy situations and relied on our Cinela Albert to get clean audio or a lavalier wind protection! A new era of run and gun video content is upon us thanks to the versatility of the D4 Duo!

A new era of sound for vloggers

The name say it is all “duo.” The innovative dual capsule design enables a front and rear recording. If you’ve done vlogging before then you know the audio would sound great when you have the microphone facing towards you. Once you’d rotate the camera away then it would get less clear and distant sounding. This patented system solves that problem with two microphone in both directions!

Lightweight Design

Finally a microphone that is so lightweight it isn’t cumbersome to use with a gimbal! Be sure to see the microphone in action in our real world test video! You would think that a 2 mic set up would be heavy, but Deity was able to keep the weight at just 40 grams! 

Rycote shockmount

Just because the setup is light doesn’t mean Deity skimped on providing world class stability! They partnered with Rycote to create the ultimate shock mount to keep the audio sounding great! 

D4 Duo for Vloggers without windscreens

Real World Test Video In Croatia

We had a lot of fun creating this review video and after listening back to the audio, we think the price point is great for $90!

In conclusion

Since we had a demo model to test. we’re curious if the final product includes some potential draw backs that we noticed. After several uses noticed that the shockmount was prone to bending forward easily. This may be due to how we store the microphone in the bag.

While reviewing the test footage we discovered one moment when the audio cut out in a very windy situation. We hope this was a one off condition and that it won’t happen again while we’re out vlogging! We did contact Deity about it and they’re looking into it!

With that said, we love how this young and innovative company takes customer feedback seriously. They continue to create high quality microphones and recorders because they continue to reiterate their products! That is the step in the right direction (especially in such a competitive market.)

Side note: did you know you can use the Deity D4 Duo for podcasting as well? We attached the microphone to a Joby stick, connected it to the Deity HD TX and changed the recording setting to stereo. That was fun!

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