our sound story

free to use sounds is not your average sound library! 

It all began in 2017 in Siem Reap, Cambodia with an idea and a Zoom H1 recorder in hand, we set out to archive our very first sound recording. We weren’t sure what we would do with the audio track of “Cambodian Women Sifting Gravel at a Construction Site” but we figured someone would appreciate it.

Nearly three years, over 20 countries, and thousands of recordings later, we’re still out exploring and as excited capturing soundscapes as that first expedition in Cambodia!

Now with state-of-the-art recording equipment we’re able to provide much need high-quality affordable sound libraries here and on Bandcamp.

Marcel in Hong Kong Recording


We travel full-time around the world recording sounds. Through our time as field recordist we’ve collaborated with professional sound libraries like Soundly, Soundsnap, Epidemic Sound, A Sound Effect, and Zapsplat and companies like Zoom, LOM Label, and K-Tek.


Over the years, our royalty-free recordings & sound effects have been used by novice sound artists to professional sound designers working in the film, music, and video game industry all over the world.

Libby in Hong Kong square


As we continue traveling the world and recording unique sounds, we’re also making cinematic vlog on our YouTube Channel! Feel free to connect with us there and also on…  InstagramFacebook or even send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

All In One Sound Library Bundle Box


Just as our name implies our sounds are free for you to use however you like (just don’t sell them as is!) Check out our license agreement here.

Our best selling All-In-One Sound Library has provided thousands tracks to so many individuals and companies. We also upload affordable libraries in our shop and Bandcamp account!