Cracking Sounds Wood + Footsteps Sound Effects

St Gabriel River Orange County

Maybe these cracking sounds could be part in your next spooky Halloween sound project?
I drove one hour to the St. Gabriel Canyon and I was trying to get some nature sounds! I stopped the car on the shoulder and walked down a small path.

I came across this interesting place with this concrete in the forest! It looked like a plateau and maybe somebody had the idea to built a house right here.

When you walk along this little I didn’t feel comfortable at all! A lot of graffiti, trash, and all these little fire areas! It seems like somebody lives here in the woods! I can walk hours alone in the dark in Asia’s jungles but here? I had enough after ten minutes.

cracking sounds

Anyway, I took the microphone and walked around this place and snapped this wooden sticks with my feed what creates a nice impact sound. That was fun listening to it at the same time! I also did some running sounds and whoosh effects with my shoes!

cracking sounds

Before I left, I came across a glass bottle so I kicked this bottle around what creates another nice sound! This sound is also included in the downloadable sound files!

The location where I recorded cracking sounds on Google Maps

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