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Lisbon City Rain
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sound compilation: City Rain Sound Library

Lisbon city Rain

Lisbon Rain Sound Effects Library


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Recording city rain sounds in Lisbon

Experience the Unique Sound of Urban Rain in Lisbon, Portugal

Discover the captivating sounds of rain in the heart of Lisbon, recorded in the historic district of Alfama. We spent a month living in the charming neighborhood, known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene.

Our apartment was perfectly located on a quiet side street, away from the noise of the nearby bar life and Fado music. The highlight of our stay was the beautiful rooftop terrace, where I captured these one-of-a-kind rain sounds.

Discovering the Historic District of Alfama

Step into the story of Alfama, the oldest district in Lisbon. Once home to the wealthy, the area eventually became a hub for fishermen, sailors, and the less affluent. In the 1970s, Alfama was nearly abandoned and became one of the most dangerous parts of the city. Today, it is a beautiful and safe neighborhood, with a strong community of locals, restaurant, and shop owners. While living in Alfama, we were fortunate enough to experience its rich cultural heritage, including the birthplace of Fado music.

What sets these recordings apart is the unique sound created by the cobblestone sidewalks. Listen as the rain creates a symphony of sound as it strikes the streets of Lisbon.


Bonus Recording: Walking in the Rain with an Umbrella

The library also includes a bonus recording of me walking in the rain with an umbrella, recorded in binaural with Soundman OKM Rock Studio.
This sound library is ideal for creating soundscapes that evoke the atmosphere of Lisbon or any city with cobblestone streets. Perfect for use in post-production, sound design, music production, game audio, ASMR, and more.


Sound samples

City Rain Sound Library Lisbon



City Rain Lisbon

12 files • 24/32 bit / 192 kHz • 3 GB
30 min

Lisbon city Rain

Lisbon Rain Sound Effects Library



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