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14 files • 24 bit/192 kHz • 3.3 GB • 50 min


Recording Binaural Rain Sound Effects in Osaka

Introducing the Ultimate Binaural Rain Sound Effects Library – Captured in the Early Morning of Osaka

Experience the natural sounds of rain like never before with our new binaural rain sound library, recorded in the early morning in Osaka. Using the DPA 4560, we walked around different areas, capturing the sounds of rain under various conditions such as rooftops, small side streets, and market halls.

In addition to the soothing sounds of rain, this library also includes the ambient noise of people walking by, chatting, footsteps, and traffic passing close by. You’ll also hear the sounds of people moving things around in their own shops and distant traffic ambience, making it perfect for film, TV, and video game sound effects.

If you’re in search of new and unique rain sounds, or binaural recordings in general, this sound library is perfect for you. Check out the video below of the Zoom F3 recording rain and train sounds using the DPA 4560 binaural microphones and see for yourself the power of these high-quality and tiny microphones.

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