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Best Power Solution Sound Devices Mix Pre 10

Compact Solution for the Mix Pre 10

As a dedicated user of the Sound Devices MixPre 10ii and other Sound Devices audio recorders, having a dependable power solution is essential for seamless, non-stop recording sessions. We’ve stumbled upon a Small Rig battery solution that powers our Mix Pre for hours on end.

Though not the most budget-friendly option, it works wonders for us. One key distinction when powering our Mix Pre 10 is that, unlike the Mix Pre 6, you can’t power the devices using the USB or USB-C port.

However, we purchased a hirose d-tap cable with a hirose connector for the hirose output. Now, all that’s left is attaching the battery pack to the Sound Devices.

The 50W version isn’t as bulky as the 100W, so you might be able to fit everything into a larger audio bag. I haven’t bought one yet, but I’ll keep an eye out and update this post when I do.

This sleek V Mount Plate is engineered to establish a secure and efficient connection for the SmallRig battery pack. Its compact size and lightweight design ensure that the setup with the Sound Devices remains easy to handle and highly portable.

Keep your MixPre 10ii powered with the SmallRig 50W Battery. This high-capacity battery provides a long-lasting energy solution, guaranteeing your recording sessions aren’t interrupted by a drained battery. Its compatibility with other devices makes it a versatile addition to your gear collection.

Sound Devices MixPre 10

The MixPre 10ii is a remarkable and portable audio recorder that provides outstanding sound quality and a wide range of features. Catering to both professional sound engineers and hobbyists alike, the MixPre 10ii consistently excels in any situation. We purchased it specifically to use with our new DPA 5100 surround kit.

Complete your power setup with a Sound Devices Hirose D Tap Cable. These cables guarantee a secure connection between the MixPre 10ii and the SmallRig 50w battery, offering a steady and dependable power supply. Numerous options are available, so I suggest browsing the reviews on Amazon or reaching out to Sound Devices directly for guidance.

Best Power Sound Devices Mix Pre 10

I’ve got to say, I’m really loving this power solution for my MixPre 10ii. It keeps the device running without any worries, so I can just focus on getting awesome audio. The SmallRig Mini V Mount Plate, SmallRig 50W Battery, and Sound Devices Hirose D Tap Cables work together like a dream, keeping everything lightweight and easy to carry around. Want know how we power our Sound Devices Mix Pre 6? Check out this article about these power options!

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