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Bars Pub Crowd Sound Effects – Singapore

Recording Bars Pub Crowd Sound Effects next to a pub in Singapore!

Libby and I moved the location. We are not at the east coast in Tanah Merah anymore now we are living for the next two weeks in Tiong Baruh. It’s a pretty cool area and closer to the city center. It is a great location and you get anywhere pretty fast by Bus or MRT.

Random Note: If you ever come to Singapore don’t buy the tourist pass.
Go to 711 and get a transportation card for 20 USD (12 Euro) and use this. If you are an hour on the MRT with 10 or more station you pay normally around one SGD for this or even less. Of course only if you stay longer then 3 days and you need to use the transportation quite often. Also, at 711 you get a Singtel prepaid Simcard with Internet pretty cheap.

Not far from our apartment is a pub/bar that gets crowded on the weekends.
It was already after midnight and I tried falling asleep but that was impossible.
Too much chatting and laughing. British-Australian accents by the way.
At first, I was a little annoyed but then I realized they don’t play any music and my next thought was “I have to record this”!

Bars Pub Crowd Sound Effects

Bar sounds or pub sound effects are highly needed for background sounds in film or video production so let’s do this.
I didn’t know when they stop but normally around 2 pm so now or never.

I walked to the pub and now it was time to find the perfect spot without imitating the crowd.
Just sitting on a table like a lonely person with a bag of microphones and a recorder wasn’t an option. You normally would never find me in a bar or in a pub.

After a few minutes later, I spotted a gate left from the bar and it was open. I walked upstairs and I found that was the perfect spot.

Bars Pub Crowd Sound Effects

I started recording and for me, it sounded much better than from the outside. Maybe because of the walls and the small tunnel funneled the sound more intense. Another big plus is that I have less car noise.

Location where I recorded these Bars Pub Crowd Sound Effects in Singapore

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Category: Sounds Of Singapore, Crowds & Public Places, City Soundscape At Night,
Type: Bars Pub Crowd Sound Effects
Specs: 1 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 345 MB
Duration: 5 min
Equipment: Zoom F8n, Usi Pro
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download or Complete Library Download
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license


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