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Bangkok Ambience Canal Boats

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  • "Bangkok Canal Boats". Genre: Blues.

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Bangkok Ambience Canal Boats

Bangkok boasts an intricate network of picturesque canals, and I recently had the opportunity to embark on a journey along these waterways. I hopped aboard the public boat taxi, traveling from Phanfa Bridge to the serene Wat Sriboonreung and back. But before my adventure began, I seized the chance to record the ambience within the boat.

As I waited for the boat driver to arrive, I took in the sounds of arriving passengers, the distant melody of the renowned Koel bird, and the occasional wail of emergency sirens in the bustling city.

Once the driver appeared and fired up the engine, I continued to record the captivating soundscape, this time from the rear of the boat. Despite the hustle and bustle of passengers coming and going at various piers along the way, the deafening roar of the engines dominated, making it surprisingly easy to lose oneself in the moment.

Upon reaching Wat Sriboonreung, an unexpected delight awaited me. The boat driver deftly executed a 180-degree turn in the confines of a narrow canal, showcasing the remarkable maneuverability of these watercraft.
Eager to experience a different perspective, I soon hopped onto another boat taxi. This time, I positioned myself at the bow, directly behind the driver, to capture a new set of auditory treasures along the enchanting canals of Bangkok.

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