Audience Sounds! Cheering & Applause!

Hi Guys! This time I Audience Sounds for you! I recorded this sounds while working on a video project what we did for and with Pure Praxis in Orange County and Los Angeles.
For easy and faster download, I created an Album on Bandcamp with all 33 different tracks! I went through almost 7 GB of sounds to cut out these versions what include clapping, laughing and cheering of the actors and the students who visited the presentation after our shoot live on stage!

Okay, let’s start from the beginning and I explain how we got this job and why its a perfect example that personal connection and just overall being an open and friendly person is so important.

Our friends Mark and Juliana or better known for Boho Beautiful came down from Canada and toured for 3 months across the US in their camper van and went from the west coast to the east coast and back to the west coast to give Yoga Classes in different cities. All the money goes to non-profit organizations and one stop was at Huntington Beach and of course, we joined and we met again in Sedona, Arizona. We had so much fun and we talked about everything like traveling, Youtube etc. As I started talking about the Human Trafficking Project what we did in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and in Atlanta, a young woman came up to us and asked if she could see the videos because she has a friend who owns an organization and she toured across the country as well and have presentations how to prevent sexual harassment for example. I said, of course, I send you all the information.

A few days later she contacted Libby and would love to meet us. And at this point, you should know that Libby worked at this time full time from 7 AM to 5 PM at the office and on the weekends she flew to different destinations in the US to film all these big weddings.  The most famous one was the wedding from Guy Oseary in Rio De Janeiro with U2, Dakota Johnson, Madonna and many more. In total, she filme  25 weddings in 3 months. She had a pretty tight schedule but she made it work somehow. Libby and Kelly met 4 times to work on the storyline and I remember Libby woke up at 4 AM and changed the whole script because otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible. Somebody with a cinematography background has a different point of view about filming something that should not be longer than two minutes than somebody who creates stage performance that are two hours long. We shot this video, am I correct 5 days before we left the US. So there wouldn’t time for a reshoot. We filmed the first part in a house somewhere in Orange County to create the party feeling with the abusing boyfriend. All scenes are done in less than five hours.

On the next day, we drove up to LA where Kelly rented an auditorium. To rent a school auditorium for a shoot could easily cost in Los Angeles between 3500 US Dollar and 10000 US Dollar. We filmed the second part of the video in this auditorium and after five hours we had what we needed. Libby shot from different angles and placed the actors always different so that it looked like a full room of people but we are only 20 in total. That was a fun shoot and after we are done a school class came in and we (not me and Libby) performed live on stage what is not in this video. So the whole point why I am saying this is just be open-minded, friendly, have conversations and you never know what can happen.

audience sounds

…you don’t need to scroll up again.  You can download the Full Album “Applause” from here as well!

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