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Recording American Football Sound Effects in Orange County

I actually don’t know why it took me so long to publish this fantastic soundscape that I recorded last year while living in Orange County. I remember coming home from a night recording and I passed a high school and couldn’t believe what I saw. From far away, first I thought that must be a big toilet paper prank but after I came closer I saw the school was completely covered in fan poster. Not only the walls, just everything. Each window, the floors, streets, cars the fences and I guess the classrooms and hallways of course. In other words, it was insane.

Amercian Football Sound Effects

It was past midnight and people still decorating. I walked up to one of the teachers and asked what’s going on here?
She told me about “The Battle Of The Bell” what is a yearly football match between different high schools in Orange County. The Chargers play against Fountain Valley and everybody is super excited for that match.

Amercian Football Sound Effects

I told her that I would love to join and if tickets are still available? If I come early enough, sure.

I went back on turned the PC on to find out where this stadium is and the game took places at the Lebard stadium what is n the campus of Orange Coast College on Fairview Road in Costa Mesa.

We lived right next to the back bay in Costa Mesa and it’s just a 10-minute drive from our house and I decided to join this match.
I remember she said to come early so I went there 1.5 hours before the match and the parking spot was already filled with fans and cars.

I was already blown away and thought, “Yeah this is not “just” another high-school match.

American High School Football Sound Effects

These are at least 5000 visitors and I think on its peak the stadium reached its capacity of 7600 people. But it is hard to tell.
Here is the link to the Stadium with a map. I recorded the sound in Blog 5 and right from the goal in the south concourse by the wheelchair ramp later on.

Amercian Football Sound Effects

I got my tickets went in the stadium and no it was time to find a good spot for sound recording without disturbing the fans having a Blimp in the face. So I went all the way down to the east wing where the Charger fans are and took place at down below at Block 5 and recorded from this position for about one hour and then I changed the location and walked to the South right behind the goal where the wheelchair ramp was just to get another perspective of the sound.

American High School Football Sound Effects

Of course, I already got attention and people looked at me like “Who his this guy”?. Walking around with video or sound equipment in Los Angeles or Orange County can be a little bit different because many people think you work for film and if so you need a permission.

An older lady came up to me and she worked for the high-school where the Chargers are situated and asked me what I am recording for?
We had a nice conversation and I told her that we travel around the world, living for the next 3 months in Orange County and I love recording sounds. I showed her our YouTube channel “Libby and Marcel” and my website “Free To Use Sounds” and now she was blown away :).
She told me that I am more than welcome to record the sounds at then she asked me to wait a few moments, left and came back with two Chargers t-shirts for me and my girlfriend as a reminder of the Game!
That was so cool!

Marching Band Sound Effects

About The American Football Sound Effects

I recorded about 5 GB of sounds and used 1.3 GB for the album. I created 37 unique soundtracks that are filled with fan sounds, touchdowns, referee whistles, fouls, the halftime marching bands, drummers and many many more. I guess you will have a lot of fun with these stadium fan sound effects.

While I was editing the sounds I remember one of my favorite tv shows I watched was “Friday Night Lights” and I loved it. I overall love a lot of sports movies especially if it’s a drama about American Football.

I think if you are a filmmaker or you work in post-production and you looking for American Football sound effects or fan atmosphere sounds, I promise this soundscape has you covered and I hope you enjoy the sounds! Track 34 is one of my favorite one! Enjoy ūüôā

Where I Recorded The American Football Sound Effects


Files: 37 files 

Size: 1.3 GB

Sample Rate: 96-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 30 min

Gear: Zoom H6, Rode NTG4+

Delivery: Instant Рblazingly-fast Рdigital download on Bandcamp

License type: Single user, royalty-free no credit required

Price: Only $3 (similar libraries cost over $50)



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