How I Do Stealth Recording & Record Airport Sounds In Singapore

Recording in stealth mode is a great way to capture the natural ambience that I surround myself with.

Especially in airports. I don’t want to pull out my field recording equipment gear and grab attention to the passengers or officials! I had this one time at the Stuttgart airport in Germany as a group of police officers walked up to with machine guns & surrounded me really quick and asked me what I am doing here! After a brief conversation and passport check, I was allowed to record sounds. “You can record sounds, but don’t take pictures”.

That was in 2017 as my recording adventure began and I am German and it was easy for me to communicate with the officials but in a foreign country, things could get quite difficult.  That is why I choose the stealth mode tactic now. We live, we learn :)!

Helpful Article About Stealth Recording

If you like to learn more about the stealth recording technique, Paul Vristorek from Creative Field Recording wrote a fantastic article about this method and shared his insights on this subject. His blogs about field recording are very helpful so make sure you check it out!

My Stealth Field Recording Microphones & Gear

For doing stealth or invisible recordings I have several methods & equipment choices. In the past, I used binaural microphones like the Roland EC 10EM and the Soundman OKM Rock Studio. I wear them in-ear and have them plugged into my Zoom H6.
The difference is that with the Roland you can record and monitor at the same time but the sound quality of the Soundman is much better. I like using this method inside airplanes because I am not moving around.

Talking about the Zoom H6, I use this recorder sometimes at airports and hide it inside my computer bag with the microphone facing out. In air planes I have the recorder in my shoe. I do the same with the Zoom H3VR. These recorders are small and people don’t really pay attention to it from my experience but I wouldn’t call this stealth recording.

My Favorite Stealth Recording Method

For me, the best method to record stealth is with the Zoom F8n inside the Loewe Pro bag. I attach the USI Pro Micro, DPA 4060 or the regular Usi Pro in the side pockets and use the Zoom app to monitor the sound field. If it gets too loud or to quiet I can change the gain inside the app. For Zoom H3VR users the app alone doesn’t work. You need to buy an extension

I already know my gear so in a normal situation I am not using headphones anymore but I still recommend it. I don’t use my Sony MDR 7506, just regular iPhone headphones and have them plugged into the recorder NOT in the phone. You can’t monitor the sound with the app. 

The main reason why I recommend headphones is interference. We are currently in Denver, Colorado and it is almost impossible for me to record sounds in some parts of downtown!

The interference is so strong what makes the recordings unusable. Imagine you walk around, recording stealth mode and you come home and all that hear is zish and zoosh! Not fun! 

My Stealth Field Recording Microphone & Gear

Watch The Video "How I Record Stealth At Airports"


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