Airport Sound Effects Library – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Recording airport sound effects at Chiang Mai airport in Thailand.

Sitting in airports and waiting for our next flight and listening what’s going on is not only relaxing, it always excites me for one other reason. Going to airports means to me a new chapter, a new destination, and a new adventure begins.

Chiang Mai is like a second home for us and we always love coming back to this wonderful city but it was time to move on.

Recording Binaural Audio With Soundman OKM Rockstudio

Sound Compilation Chiang Mai Airport

Before we left Chiang Mai and flew to Singapore, I recorded for this airport sound library a lot of new interesting sounds like:

  • crowd walla in different languages
  • announcements in Thai & English
  • passengers pass by and check at the security behind immigration and at the gate
  • from medium to busy crowded soundscape
  • lots of beeping sounds from security clearance
  • suitcase rolling
  • people pass by
  • interior crowds
  • waiting in line before boarding
  • walking along gangway
  • boarding the aircraft
  • toilet flushing in airport bathroom

All airport sound effects are recorded with the Zoom H6 and Soundman OKM Rockstudio microphone headphones.

Download Airport Sound Effects Library – Chiang Mai Airport


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