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18 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 990 MB • 15 min


Recording 18 aircraft take off sound effects at Changi Airport

Get ready to experience the thrill of takeoff with our latest sound library, featuring 18 heart-pumping aircraft takeoff sounds recorded at the one and only Changi Airport in Singapore! From the massive Airbus A380 with its deep, rumbling engine sound, to the smaller Airbus 320s from Air Asia or Jetstar, this library has it all.

We scoured the airport to find the best spots to record these sounds, including a secret location next to the ocean where you can hear the calming waves before and after each takeoff. We also recorded from a spot directly behind the airfield where you can hear the sound of cars and trucks driving by before the planes take off.

With over 1000 aircraft departures and arrivals every day, Changi Airport is the perfect location for any aviation enthusiast or sound designer looking to capture the excitement and energy of takeoff.

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