Royalty Free Aircraft Landing Sound Effect! LAX Airport


Welcome to LAX Airport and it´s Airfield!

Another great sound from the LAX Airport! We went on the right side of the Landing Field´s to record this incredible and loud free airplane landing sound effects of two incoming airplanes.
It is spectacular when you look above your head and you see this huge planes flying into the airport and you are able to record this landing sounds.

What should you know about LAX?

LAX is the fourth busiest passenger airport in the world and the second in the United States after Atlanta and in 2017 Skytrax called in the Top 10 Most Improved Airports. LAX served more than 80.9 million passengers in a year an increase of almost 8 percent each year. In 2017 LAX offers an incredible number of 692 daily nonstop flights to 91 U.S. cities and about 1,220 weekly nonstop flights to 78 international destinations in 41 countries on 66 commercial air carriers what is insane. Alone in 2016 LAX handled 697,138 aircraft operations including landings and takeoffs!

Location, where we recorded the audio, is right behind Airfield L25 and R25! You can click right HERE and you can see the exact spot!

Do you want more facts?
The Airfields are all east-west parallel runways: 24 Right/6 Left is 8,925 feet; 24L/6R is 10,285 feet; 25R/7L is 12,090 feet, and 25L/7R is 11,095 feet.
All runways are 150 feet wide except 25L/7R, which is 200 feet wide and this is the one where we recorded the sound!

…and now I invite you to download two airplane landing sounds for free in high-quality wav format and in a bitrate of 96/24.
First Aircraft Landing Sound Effect!

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Second Aircraft Landing Sound Effect!

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