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Airbus 320 Interior Sound Effects Library

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14 files • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 540 MB • 15 min


Airbus 320 Interior Sound Effects Library

In 2018, I had the chance to fly from Denpasar Bali to Singapore on an Airbus 320. As a sound enthusiast, I had my recording gear with me, eager to capture every sound of this experience.

Before boarding the aircraft, I could hear the distant sound of the engine running, signaling the start of my adventure. Once onboard, I immediately started recording the sound of people boarding the aircraft, fastening their seatbelts, and storing their luggage. I even captured the sound of people sneezing and coughing, bringing a touch of realism to this sound library.

As the flight progressed, I managed to record a variety of sounds, including people laughing, kids playing with toys, and people talking to each other. The incredible hum sound effect from the engine was a standout feature that I couldn’t resist recording. I even recorded the sound of the Airbus 320 captain speaking and the announcements made by the cabin crew.

As we approached the runway, I captured the sound of the plane driving towards it and the sounds of people preparing for takeoff. The beeping sounds and squeaking chairs further added to the authenticity of this sound library.

The landing process was also recorded, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to land at Singapore Airport. The entire experience was documented in this 14-track library that includes cabin ambiance, engine sounds, and all the sounds you’d expect from an Airbus 320 flight.

It’s important to note that these sounds were recorded back in 2018, before COVID. So, if you’re searching for sound effects from before the pandemic, we have these and many more available here at Free To Use Sounds.


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