Free To Use Sounds Story

a journey that changed our lives

About Libby & Marcel

It all began in 2017 in Siem Reap, Cambodia with an idea and a Zoom H1 recorder in hand, we set out to archive our very first sound recording. We weren’t sure what we would do with the audio track of “Cambodian Women Sifting Gravel at a Construction Site” but we figured someone would appreciate it.


Nearly five years, over 26 countries, and thousands of recordings later, we’re still out exploring. We consider ourselves slow travelers because our intention isn’t to move fast and record. Instead, we take our time to immerse ourselves in different cultures and regions. That’s why our recordings include a diversity of sounds of daily life and unique soundscapes. To us, every sound we record is a way to archive a location and its authenticity.

Free to Use Sounds was created to be a source for others to utilize. We want to bring the highest quality sounds for anyone to afford. Over the years, our royalty-free recordings & sound effects from our best-selling All in One Bundle have been used by novice sound artists to professional sound designers working in the film, music, or video game industry all over the world. 

Moving Forward

Our aim is clear and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Not only can you read about our journey here on our website, but you can also watch our travels and stories on our YouTube Channel which has – grown to be the most subscribed dedicated field recording channels on Youtube!

We’re also updating our daily lives on our Instagram account (@freetousesounds) Feel free to stop by and say hi! CNN Travel recently featured our story about traveling around the world recording sounds. You can check it out right here!