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Winter Traffic Ambience

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25 files • 32 bit/192 kHz • 3.5 GB • 50 min


Recording Winter Traffic Ambience

Experience the true Sound of Winter with Winter Traffic Ambience sound library from Japan.

Explore the unique sounds of winter with our new snowy winter traffic & emergency ambience library from Japan. Recorded in the northern city of Sapporo, this library captures the sounds of traffic on snowy and icy roads.

You’ll find a wide range of sounds in this library, including slow and fast pass-bys of cars, buses, taxis, and trams, stop and go’s at intersections, and the sounds of emergency vehicles with sirens on. But we also captured the sounds of people walking by, footsteps crunching in the snow, chatter and an excavator moving snow from a parking lot.

This library is perfect for anyone in the film, television, or video game industry looking for high-quality winter sound effects or ambience recordings. The library includes recordings from both day and night, giving you a complete picture of the winter ambiance of a lively city in Japan.

Our snowy winter traffic & emergency ambience library is an essential tool for any project that requires realistic winter sound effects. Don’t settle for generic sound effects when you can experience the true sounds of winter with our library.

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