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Recording Wind Sound fx in Costa Rica at Night

Have you ever heard the eerie sounds of wind rustling through leaves at night? During our stay at an Airbnb in Samara, Costa Rica, we recorded some spine-chilling wind noises that will send shivers down your spine. The property was surrounded by palm trees and bushes, and we even saw some howler monkeys stealing mangoes on the first day of our stay.

One night, I woke up to the sound of heavy wind outside, and I knew I had to capture the spooky wind sounds between the trees and bushes. I felt like there was something moving the leaves, other than just the wind… perhaps a raccoon or iguana? While recording, I accidentally ran into a chair, but that didn’t stop me from capturing some amazing outdoor sound effects.

You can hear the spooky metallic squeaking that follows the direction of the wind in the background of the recording. I’m pretty sure I even woke up our hosts because I heard someone coughing in the background. As we were wrapping up the recordings, we even heard an ATV approach in the distance before turning around and disappearing.

If you’re looking for unique and spine-chilling nature soundscapes, then our field recordings of these creepy wind sounds are perfect for your next project. And the best part? They are royalty-free.


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