Wind Sounds At Night Time! A Palm Tree At Balboa Island

It was already night time when I went down to the Balboa Island to record these wind sounds, what is just a 15 minutes drive from where we live.

How did I record this wind sounds?

Well, recording wind is not so easy here in Orange County. Most of the time, since we are here, there is not so much wind, but after the heat wave, what made of Orange County and Los Angeles a 100-degree oven.  We finally had wind!


When the heat wave arrived, the wind came from the countryside and goes to the ocean but in the moment, when the heat wave fade the wind comes from the ocean. So actually we are not recording wind, we record the fading heat wave. What is cool!
Another great and amazing side effect that I recorded was a cracking sound. Because of the wind which came from the ocean, pressed a yacht right into the pier what created this cracking sound effect what you can hear all the time in the recordings. I guess a sound designer will love this effect. Very spooky.
A Men who lived since more than 35 years on this small island explained it to me and he told me if the wind wouldn’t come from the ocean we couldn’t hear the yacht with this squeaking, cracking sound. Lucky us!!!

wind sounds

To get the sound of wind I had to drive down to the Balboa Island at night time to avoid traffic and airplane noises. So I was able to get a cleaner sound of the wind.
I drove on the island over a small bridge and parked the car on a dead end. I saw this huge palm tree and that was my spot.
The palm tree leaves danced in the wind and touched the house from time to time!
Right from the Palm Tree was an American Flag so if you wondering what this “Cling” noise is, it is the flag!

I placed the microphone in my Rycote Blimp and used a mic stand. I tried to get as high as possible to capture the sound. But honestly, these are the moments I wish I  had a stereo microphone to get a more rich and powerful sound.

I hope you can still use this audio. After this recording, I drove to the old ferry harbor and recorded the last arriving ferry and this was such a great sound and will be up very soon!

wind sounds

Here is the exact location where I recorded this sound!

Listen to the wind on SoundCloud!

I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.

Evel Knievel

…and now I invite you to download this free wind sound effect from a Palm Tree at Balboa Island!

Original Version!

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Version with more Gain and “FFT Filter”!

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