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Scary Wind Sounds

Recording Exterior and Interior Wind Sounds in Bodrum, Turkey

The wind is one of the many benefits of living on the coast. While it’s great for field recordists, cyclists may have a different opinion. During a week-long stay in Bodrum, the wind picked up stronger than usual one night. Our apartment was located in the hills, surrounded by trees and away from traffic.


Exterior Wind Sounds

I took advantage of the strong winds and set out to capture the eerie noises. To record strong winds, it’s important to have good wind protection. Without it, it can be difficult to pick up clear wind sounds without distortion. On a previous trip to Iceland, I discovered that the Cinela Albert worked well in these situations. I placed the microphone near the trees and used the Sennheiser MKH 8040 microphone capsules to capture the sounds without any popping or distorting noises.


Interior Wind Sounds

When I returned to the apartment, the wind was still blowing strongly. I opened the window door a little and placed the Audio Technica AT 4025 close to the gap to pick up the eerie wind noises. I used the Rycote BBG as wind protection, which worked perfectly in combination with the Audio Technica microphone. All sounds were recorded with the Zoom F6.

These high-quality sound effects are perfect for adding texture, layering, or creating synths or pads in music production. They’re also great for horror or Halloween projects.


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