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Wind Sound Effects & Rain Sounds
Abandoned Airplane Iceland

You’re about to step into a world of mystery and eeriness with the haunting wind and rain effects captured inside an abandoned DC3 airplane in Iceland. This desolate location on Sólheimasandur Beach holds a secret not many know about. It’s the perfect spot for sound recording, and we didn’t waste a minute recording the sounds of the wind and rain inside and outside the aircraft.

The weather was harsh, with the wind, rain, and cold greeting us every step of the way. But this only added to the eerie and unique soundscape, changing every minute as the weather shifted. The decaying plane created a wind tunnel, and the open windows and loose plates made it even more haunting.

To capture these sounds, we used the Sennheiser MKH 8040, the LOM Geofone and AKG C411pp Contact Microphone, which recorded low frequencies and made it perfect for sound design and music productions.

If you’re planning to visit the DC-3 plane site, make sure you have the right clothing, food, and water, as you’ll be going at your own risk. Follow the road behind the aircraft that leads to the beach but beware of the “sneaky waves.” They may look beautiful, but they are incredibly powerful, and nobody will rescue you if they get you.

You can easily find the parking spot by searching on Google Maps for “Parking for Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck.” Get ready to immerse yourself in the mysterious and spooky sounds of wind and rain at the abandoned DC3 airplane in Iceland.


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