Vietnam Sound Effects – Welding Sound Effects

Vietnam sound effects! Welding sound effects!

If people ask me if I miss Vietnam than I would say of course! I love the country, the people and the million different sounds like these welding sounds!

We are two weeks in Bali now and sounds are different here what is no surprise but also harder to find if it comes to construction or machine sounds.

In Vietnam, I could just walk around in Hoi An or Da Nang with my recorder and have all kinds of different sounds from old machines!

These sounds are definitely harder to find in Bali but we are going back in July and I will be more recording around Denpasar!

Welding Sounds

Anyway, this welding sound that I recorded is from Da Nang! We visited our friends and the area where they live is just a huge construction zone.

I saw this men welding tubes on the street and I walked over and asked him if I could record the sound of it! He and another man looked at me with a surprising face. “Sure”

I placed the H6 recorder a close as I could to get this sound effect.
From all the welding technics is this one of the hardest and very difficult. Welding aluminum is by far the most advanced but welding with electrodes is a handy craft and you have to know what you are doing.

Welding Sounds

His welding technic was very good.

Oh, but of course, no gloves and just in flip flops but that is normal in Vietnam! 🙂
I recorded the sound for around five minutes and got the most important welding sounds plus a nice night atmosphere. You can listen to the welding machine sound, tapping of the clinker, the electrode start and as I mentioned a nice night time atmos.

I hope you enjoy and can use the sound! 🙂

Whether you function as welders or inspectors, the laws of physics are implacable lie-detectors. You may fool men. You will never fool the metal.     

Lois McMaster Bujold

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