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29 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 8.5 GB • 80 min


Recording Tuk Tuk Interior Sound Effects

Experience the unique sounds of a tuk-tuk with our latest sound library! We recorded tuk-tuk sounds from both the interior and exterior in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We took a ride through the city at night, recording a variety of Tuk Tuk interior sound effects. We captured the sound of the engine starting, the cute honking, and the sound of the metal rattling. You’ll also hear the squeaky brakes and big exhaust, adding to the authentic soundscape. We drove through small streets, the Chiang Mai ring, and the highway, reaching almost 100 km/h per hour.

To record these sounds, we used the DPA 4060 to get a nice soundscape, AKG C411 contact microphone for more depth, and the Deity S Mic 2S to capture the sound of the exhaust. The sound effects are separate in this library, giving you the flexibility to use them for sound design or anything else.

The older tuk-tuk version we recorded during the day gave us the chance to capture the sounds of the old suspension and the squeaking sounds after hitting holes and speed bumps. Plus, we recorded the sound of the driver shifting gears and accelerating after stopping at traffic lights.

Recording at night was a little bit more challenging, but we managed to capture the starting engine sounds and as we drove. We communicated with the driver to drive faster, which was great to have. Our tuk-tuk sound library is perfect for any kind of production if you need the sounds of a tuk-tuk interior or just the sound of a very unique engine.

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