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sound compilation: truck door sounds

Old truck doors

Metal Doors of abandoned Hino Trucks on Junkyard


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Truck Door Sound Effects

Recording Rusty Truck Door Sounds on an Abandoned Junkyard in Penang, Malaysia

While exploring Penang, Malaysia, I came across an unexpected treasure trove of sound – an abandoned junkyard filled with old Hino trucks and when I stumbled upon this abandoned junkyard, I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity to record the sounds of these trucks.

Discovering the abandoned trucks As I approached the trucks, I hoped all the doors were unlocked and then went in search of the owner of the junkyard. After a short conversation with the caretakers, I was given the green light to record the sounds of the truck doors.


Recording the door sounds

Each door had its own unique character, from the heavy and powerful thud of one door to the squeaky and worn sound of another. I record a total of 50 open and close sounds and made eight different tracks, which can now be downloaded for use in various productions.


Bringing the trucks back to life through sound

It’s always a bit sad to see these vehicles sitting unused and decaying, but through my recordings, I was able to give them a new purpose. The sounds of these truck doors will live on, even after the trucks themselves have long since disappeared. Whether you’re a sound designer, filmmaker, or simply a fan of unusual sounds, these rusty truck door sounds are a must-have for your collection.


Sound samples

Truck Door Sound Effects Library



Percussion old truck

8 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 290 MB
3 min

Old Truck Doors

Metal Doors of abandoned Hino Trucks on Junkyard



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