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This unique & authentic train sound effects library contains 43 sound files recorded all over Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi and is probably one of the most unique train sound libraries out currently out there!

It feels weird sitting currently in Colorado and writing about my road trip across Vietnam. I started this trip January and spent two months in Vietnam but it feels like it’s already years ago.

Train Sound Compilation

This train sound library has not only sounds recorded from bypassing trains, I include sounds recorded inside train stations and on several railway tracks with passengers and visitors.

 These train stations are Dalat, Da Nang, Hue, the main station of Hanoi plus sounds from the old Long Biên Bridge train station including train pass by on the bridge. Just listen to the rumbling! Something you won’t find in countries with modern trains and railroads.

Train Pass By Between The Cities

Trains and diesel loks in Vietnam are older models as well. Especially the locomotive in Da Lat is a Russian D4H, D4R diesel model from the 1970.

I am super happy I could record the engine start, the engine shut down, refilling diesel, the idling, very loud and a super long train horn (not kidding) and finally train leaving the station. I also recorded ambience on the station with a small crowd of tourists.

Dalat Train Station & Russian D4H Locomotive
Dalat Train Station & Russian D4H Locomotive

Another highlight that this train sound library has to offer are the train pass by in Hanoi’s old quarter. I went to the famous train street where trains passing through a very small street. This area is getting more and more famous because of social media like Instagram, YouTube and maybe me. I am probably the first one who actually recorded the sound in high quality!

The trains that passing through the road, driving very slow it’s getting super tight. The people who living here using this spectacle to their own advantage. Shops with chairs and small restaurant are along the railway line.

Train Street Hanoi & Train Station In Hue
Train Street Hanoi & Train Station In Hue

I personally spent several hours on the train line but not only to record the sounds of the trains. I just loved it sitting here, enjoying the atmosphere while drinking way to much tea. If you ever find yourself visiting Hanoi, I highly recommend it visiting this part of the city.

Historical Long Biên Bridge In Hanoi

Another highlight are the recordings from the Long Biên Bridge. This old metal bridge survived several attacks and about half of the bridge is still in its original state.

You can listen to the amazing squeaking and rumbling sound while the train drives along the bridge. This unique sound created by the old metal and the railway tracks is just one of a kind.

Later that day I recorded at the Long Biên railway station. The station begins where the bridge ends.

I recorded the arriving of the train, the engine shutting off and on again, idling, amazing honks and the train leaving the train station.
The locomotive is a old D12E model from the Czech Republic and probably from 1970.

Long Bien Bridge & Train Station
Long Bien Bridge & Train Station

Many architects from Vietnam demand that the government should stop the train traffic and the bridge should be used as a history museum.

I walked the full length back and forth on this bridge and it gave me goosebumps just thinking about what all happened here and how beautiful this bridge is or could be with a little bit more maintenance.

In my opinion it would be a wonderful idea. Such unique bridge deserve it to be “retired. It’s part of history. The bridge was build between 1899 & 1902 and I am very glad I could record the sounds before it might happen.

Many of the recorded sounds are available as ambisonic sounds inside the VR Library! Review Metadata here!


Files: 44 files • Including metadata 

Size:  6.3  GB

Sample Rate: 192-24, 96-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 60 min

Gear: Zoom F8n, Zoom H3VR, Zoom H6, Usi Pro Micro, DPA 4060

Delivery: Instant – blazingly-fast – digital download on Bandcamp

License type: Single user, royalty-free no credit required

Price: Only $3 (similar libraries from other countries cost $50 & beyond)



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