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Train Sound Effects Vietnam

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Train Sound Effects Vietnam

In January 2019, I embarked on an adventure to record the authentic sounds of Vietnam. I traveled from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi on a rented motorbike, with the goal of recording and archiving as many different train sounds as possible, from the bustling noise of train stations to the gentle rumble of trains passing by.

The journey was remarkable, and I met many other travelers along the road. However, I didn’t meet anyone else trying to record sounds.
The trains I recorded in Vietnam were exactly what I had hoped for. Many of them dated back to the 1970s, which made capturing the sounds of the engines and other mechanical parts even more exciting as they often produced a unique and sometimes unpredictable noise.

I was able to capture a wide range of train sounds, from the roar of a train passing through Hanoi’s old quarter to the gentle squeak of an old metal bridge in Long Biên. I also recorded at various train stations along the way, including Dalat, Da Nang, and Hue, capturing the hustle and bustle of each location.

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to record at the historical Long Biên Bridge in Hanoi. This old metal bridge has survived several attacks and is still in use today. Walking the length of the bridge and listening to the squeaking and rumbling of the trains as they passed was an unforgettable experience. There are talks that this bridge will become a museum which will make these sounds even more unique, as everything will become history, including the sounds.

This train sound library includes 43 unique sound files, including train pass-by, interior ambiance, engine starting, powering down, refilling diesel, idling, honking, engine shutting off, and train station ambiance.

This sound library is perfect for anyone looking for authentic train sounds from Vietnam. They are royalty-free and can be used for personal or commercial use.

Overall, this journey was a true adventure and a labor of love. I am thrilled to be able to share these unique and authentic train sounds with others and hope that they will be enjoyed by sound designers, filmmakers, and anyone interested in the rich culture, sounds and tradition of Vietnam.


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