Train Sound Effects Germany! Train Station Stuttgart

Train sound effects Germany are recorded at the main train station in Stuttgart! Scroll down to download the file!

I ordered the Roland Binaural Online and I was super excited to get them! I ordered the Headphones online from Amazon and paid 99 US Dollars or around 100 Euro! I was going to make a nice test on a busy place! While I was driving Libby to the airport I thought why not recording binaural sounds in the Stuttgart Train Station! I also used my Zhyiun Gimbal and the Sony Camera so that you can see what I see and listen what I hear!

Roland CS10-EM Binaural Microphones

For the recording, I attached the Roland Microphones to my Zoom H6 what I put in a small camera bag! You could also use a Zoom H1 and that is so great about these mics and recorder! Super small and light and nobody knows what you doing! It looks like regular headphones and nobody pays attention accept you use the little windshields! I am not going to use these windshields in public again!Zoom H1

When you record make sure that you wear no shirt with a collar or a jacket that creates noises! If you move your head and touch the cables you will hear this in the audio. Also, wind noise! If there is a tiny bit of wind the microphones will pick this up! So, recordings for a great outdoor tour maybe not but you can fix a lot in post by cutting out the wind noise in the low-frequency area.  Zoom H6

Recording in airports, cafes or malls with a lot of “walla, walla” sounds are these perfect microphones for this price! Also If you listen to the sound of the Coins that I recorded I placed one microphone on the left side of the table and the other one on the right side of the table! It creates a great sound! If you new into field recording and you are looking for a good budget microphone than I recommend these mics! Go on my site in the “binaural” section and listen to all the other sounds and then you can decide if you like to buy the Roland!

Zhyiun Gimbal CraneThe Recording!

While at the train station in Stuttgart, I recorded my walking path from the main train station to the underground train station. To provide you with an authentic experience I used my Roland CS 10 EM binaural setup with a Zoom H6. For the video, I used my Sony A7s with a Zeiss 4.0 24-70mm Lens and the Zhyiun Gimbal.

You will see once I leave the main station I walk through a long wide hallway to the underground to the”S-Bahn” Line. For several years the Stuttgart’s train station has been undergoing a large construction project. If you’re interested google “Stuttgart21!” :)I hope you enjoy the video and you can use the Sound for your Projects!

I hope you enjoy the video and you can use the Sound for your Projects!

Download Train Sound Effects Germany from Dropbox!

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