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Traffic Sound Effects Los Angeles

Many of you know that the 6th Street bridge was an icon for the City of Los Angeles and was featured in many films like Terminator and The Dark Night Rises. Unfortunately, this bridge no longer exists as it was demolished back in 2016.

While the famous spot isn’t around anymore there are still several great locations to capture authentic Los Angeles soundscapes. Below I explain these locations.


The 4th Street Bridge of Los Angeles

It was built in 1928 and is one of the few remaining catenaries or curved, arch bridges in the city of Los Angeles and reached across the Los Angeles River. I recorded these sounds during the daytime and went to all three sides.


1st Recording: Under the Bridge on the Santa Fe Street Side

I recorded under the bridge on the Santa Fe street side with lots of construction and road traffic. More people came by and overall it was just more traffic with more warehouses around. Not far away from the place was a warehouse where parts of Iron Man 2 was filmed.


2nd Recording: The Other Side of the Bridge

I drove to the other side of the bridge and it felt like I was in a totally different environment! First off, it was smelly. It was dirty with a lot of graffiti everywhere and the road had many bumps which created a special sound when the cars and the trucks drove over these street holes.

These Los Angeles sound effects are royalty-free and will provide a great ambience for your upcoming project. Whether you’re working on a film, video game, or music project, these recordings will help immerse your audience in the authentic sounds of the city.

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