Traditional New Moon Ceremony Sounds Ubud, Bali

Yes, we are official in Bali and surrounded by amazing ceremony sounds.

I love Vietnam but it was soooo cold!  After two years we are back! The food is fantastic our new house is incredible and our landlord invited us to go with her to the new moon ceremony and of course, I had to bring my equipment with me and it was full of lush sounds!

ceremony sounds

It was a requirement to wear traditional clothes and our host provided the correct outfit for us! Without that right clothes, we wouldn’t have been allowed to enter the temple and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to get these fantastic sounds! Especially the Topeng is incredible!

ceremony sounds

We arrived pretty early and saw more and more people entering the temple! I would say a total of 500 people showed up or it could be easily up to a thousand.

ceremony sounds

Before the ceremony began, everyone placed their offerings and found a place to sit. Each group had a different task. For example,
one group played instruments while the other groups sang and prayed. Young priests walked around with the holy water and rice.

I’m very grateful to be part of it the festivities and was able to capture this sound for you! These are special moments in a traveler’s life and I think I wouldn’t be here if I wouldn’t record sounds!

ceremony sounds

Not only do I enjoy recording sounds I can bring you Bali a little closer to you. So you maybe you sit somewhere in this world on your couch and now you can listen to the real Bali!

The sound file is huge and has around 3.5 GB so I had to make a Bandcamp album with eleven parts. Version 01,02 and 03 is one long recording that I had to break into 3 parts. Listen to V02 what is the actually praying where everybody sings and prays. Just a wonderful sound!

ceremony sounds

All sounds are recorded with the Soundman OKM II Rock Studio and I used the first time a Tascam Recorder (TASCAM PCM Recorder DR-07MK2) and I am impressed with the quality.

ceremony sounds

Feel free to listen and download the full album or the parts that you enjoy! 🙂

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