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Tokyo Sounds, Akihabara Soundscape

Welcome to one of my Tokyo sounds recorded in Akihabara!

We are already 5 days in Japan and I got some really nice sounds already that I am going to publish one by one if I have more time. We have only 2 weeks and a rental camper van and we like to just drive around and having a good time.

If I would use time, hanging out in malls and working on sounds we couldn’t get anywhere in time.

We are currently on our way to Hiroshima and I did some incredible sound recording at Umeda, Osaka. This train station is the fourth busiest train station worldwide. It is 3 PM and we sitting in a Starbucks at Aeon Mall and using the Internet and having a chai tea latte. Soy milk of course :)!
Later we are going to find an onsen (hot-spring). Japan has over 6000 across the country and these onsen are amazing.

The first sound from Japan that Iike to share with you is from Tokyo! We got our camper in Narita at JapanCampers and we drove to Yodobashi what is one of the biggest or maybe the biggest electronic store worldwide.
I bought two Zoom F1 plus Lav recorders for our upcoming video project in Costa Rica.

Tokyo Sounds

The soundscape around Yodobashi is incredible and I walked around the building to get the street ambient.
I started next to pedestrian crosswalk and walked to the main entrance of the building.

The reverb of the cars, trucks or the train is incredible and I also recorded the employees regulating the traffic

If you want to park your car in the Yodobashi parking garage you will see 3 guys who stopping the pedestrians and the cars.
It is super fun to see how they communicate. All are dressed up in perfect uniforms and the supervisor has the microphones and gives the commandos.

I wish I could have made more recordings but we had to leave the city. On our way back to Tokyo I am going to record the people in the world busiest train station (Tokyo Station).

I hope you enjoy the sound and if not for working purpose just listen to this really cool Tokyo Sound!

I recorded with the DPA 4060 in my hand and the Zoom H6.
Bitrate is 96/24 and WAV.

The location where I started the recording was here.

What we can listen to In the recording.
Traffic Light Beeping
Pedestrian walking
Traffic Light Speaking
Cars, trucks, motorbike, trains
Supervisors at Yodobashi starting in 5:10

And now I invite you to download this free ambient from Tokyo!

Download File


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