Thunderstorm Sound Effects & Summer Rain Germany

Recording Thunderstorm Sound Effects In Germany

We lived several weeks in South-Germany and Germany is known for it rainy days. Especially if you visit friends in a small town in Biberach. Always when I went there it rained.

One day a huge thunderstorm showed up and I was able to record these thunderstorm sound effects at night and used the Zoom H1 with my binaural microphones. I fixed them on a bench in a storage room and closed the door.  After that, I fixed the Go Pro on the outside of the balcony. The video quality is not the best because it was already night. What you can see is the lightning.

The wind was strong and the lightning was rapid! Isn’t there is just something oddly comforting about summer thunderstorms? With the raindrops aggressively hitting the rooftop and dark sky being illuminated by the electricity, I’m always fascinated by the strength of nature!

Since the storm lasted 45 minutes and I captured everything I divided the sound file into four parts and you can download the thunderstorm sound effects from my old archive account.

You can use these free sound effects for any commercial or non commercial project. If you are not sure feel free to read the license-agreement!

If you have already access to the “Complete Library” all these sound effects are inside the Germany Category with many other recordings from Germany.

NOTE: If this is your first time coming on my website please make sure to check out all my other nature sounds with wind, rain, storm or thunder that I have recorded in South East Asia and Central America.

You can download the Thunderstorm Sound Effects for free down below!

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