Thunder Sound Effects Lightning Bolt Explosion

Recording Thunder Sound Effects In Singapore with new field recording equipment!

Fasten your seatbelts because these thunder sounds will blow you away. I promise. I never experienced such heavy and loud lightning impact so close to myself. These lightning strikes were just a few minutes away from me and the other people. The MRT station was our cover.

New Field Recording Equipment

Thunder Sound Effects


Field Recording Equipment

I recorded these sounds with two new Zoom H3 VR and with my Zoom F8n and the DPA 4060! Now I am able to record ambisonic sounds. I created a new category inside the Complete Library!

Sound Compilation Thunder Sounds

If you have listened then you know what I mean. Each impact gave me an extremely uncomfortable and scary feeling. At the same time, it was super exciting just to absorb the energy. Nature is just so powerful.

Story Time

I was on my way to Decathlon to buy a new bag for my Vietnam trip and left the Ju Koon MRT station. From inside the train I could already here heavy thunder in the distance and all that I thought was, this bag can wait. By the way, I got the last bag.

I left the station and went under the roof of the bridge which connects the shopping mall with the other side of the street. Oh, you should have seen the eyes of the people after I took out my Zoom “trolls”. Seriously arent these Zoom not cute? I love them for there design and maybe I should color the windjammer in red or so. With these little windjammers on it, I can’t help myself and always smile if I look at them.

thunder sound effects


Zoom H3 VR & DPA 4060 with Zoom F8n

About the Thunder Sound Effects

Rain sounds are always present. The rain hits the roof and drops on the street down below. Before the really heavy lightning strikes arrive, I recorded several claps of thunder sounds in the distance. Followed by heavy lightning bolt explosions and large thunder cracks and rolling. Including heavy to mild rumbling sounds.

How Did I Record These Thunder Sound Effects

As I mentioned before I used two Zoom H3 VR and placed them on different areas on the bridge. Not that this makes a huge difference I thought its good to have a backup if it caused distortion. Another backup was the Zoom F8n together with DPA 4060. I placed this setup more in the back of the bridge. The format how I recorded with the Zoom H3 VR is ambix. I heard this is the best format so I hope that is great for you.

Specs:  12 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 3.3 GB • metadata included

Delivery: Instant -fast – digital download on Bandcamp 

Equipment: Zoom F8n, DPA 4060, Zoom H3VR (ambisonic & stereo)

License type: Single user, royalty-free 

Price: Only $3 ( Other Sound Libraries charge between $30 & $150!!



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