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Thunder & Rain USA
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sound compilation: rain and thunder sounds

Denver City Rain

Denver City Rain Sound Effects Library


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Recording City Rain & Thunder Sounds

Rain and Thunder Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Living in Denver for nearly five months was the highlight of my year. The city, with its beautiful lake and views of the Rocky Mountains, provided a great setting for recording sounds. However, it proved to be a challenge to capture rain and thunder sounds, as it only rained for around 14 days in the five months we lived there. The high temperature, between 75 and 105 degrees almost every day, combined with the strong sunlight due to the elevation, made recording conditions even more difficult.


What You’ll Hear

In this library, you will find calm rain, heavy showers with hail, distant thunder with low rumbles, and heavy lightning strikes. Ideal for sleep, meditation, sound design, and post-production, the majority of the sounds in this library were recorded in our condo near Sloan’s Lake.


Equipment used to capture the rain and thunder sound effects

I used ultra-sensitive high-quality microphones such as the Wildtronics SAAM and the Wildtronics Stereo/Mono Parabolic Dish. I hope you enjoy listening to this library as much as I enjoyed capturing it!


Sound samples

Thunder and Rain Sound Library



Thunder & Rain Sounds

22 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 5.5 GB
70 min

Denver City Rain

Denver City Rain Sound Effects Library



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