The Wedge Newport Beach. Bodysurfers Paradise

Recording ocean sounds at The Wedge Newport Beach!

The Wedge is one of the most famous wave in Newport Beach and well known in California and probably the best-known body-surfing beach in the U.S. From Huntington Beach until Balboa Island it is definitely the most dynamic and dangerous wave and I had glorious 15 minutes until I got “kicked out”(I explain about my experience later on)!

What is “The Wedge” and where comes the name from?
The Wedge in Newport Beach is a meet and greet place for powerful and awesome surf on the board or with your body.
If you talk with the locals they tell you that this beach is super unique when it comes to shore-breaking waves and yes, this spot with the biggest swell in Southern California is a must see when you want to visit Newport Beach!

Local Bodysurfers called the spot in the 30s “The Hook” until a new generation of local bodysurfers in the 60s renamed it to “The Wedge”.
You can see in the videos and on other photos this huge pile of stones. In 1916 an Army Corps of Engineer created this massive Entrance to keep the Newport Harbor saver for storms! The side effect of this creations are the huge massive waves.

I found a site with a LifeCam so you can see if the waves are high or not.

My own Experience with “The Wedge” before going into the water.

I had no idea that this spot exists, but I was going to record oceans sounds and checked Google Maps to find a good spot! I saw “The Wedge” and read some reviews and knew that is my spot to record and it is just a 15-minute drive from where I live. So lets do it!
It is very easy to find all that you need to do is to drive direction Balboa Peninsula and stay on the street until the end. Don’t worry about parking. It is free and you have enough space. I saw a few campers so you might could sleep here if you are quite and dont take out your chairs or umbrella. Just make sure to check the day at the red sign about street cleaning.
If you get out of the car, walk to the end of the street. You see the Harbor Entrance and just keep right and follow the people in swimsuits or when they hold fins in the hands. I saw a Guy selling these fines before you enter the beach and you need them if you want to go in the water and the waves are high.
As I entered the beach I could already listen to this powerful crashing on the shore and on the stones. I wasn’t alone with my Equipment. Photographer, Videographer, and people with drones are already there and taking pictures of the Guys in the water. But nobody had a Sound Recorder.
I did two recordings on “The Wedge”.
The first recording was on the stones with the beach to the right side and the second recordings were direct from the beach facing the waves and the bodysurfers including a breathtaking sunset. I wonder how amazing Hydrophone Microphones would sound like, if you would put them in the sand.

You find both sound files down below!

The Wedge Newport Beach. Bodysurfers Paradise

I walked for about 25 minutes until the end of the stone wall to record more sounds. If you are into fishing you will have company with other fishers at day and night time. These sounds between the jetty will be up very soon.

The Wedge Newport Beach. Bodysurfers Paradise

My own experience with “The Wedge” in the water.

I was already hooked by these massive waves and came back on the next day.
Who would know that Fred Simpson creates for this experience in 1982 the Viper fin to help body surfers catch bigger waves? But not only for this also to escape faster, if you come to close to the jetty or for diving under a wave.
I am not a surfer on the board, but I did Bodysurfing in Australia, France, Spain, and Portugal for example, so I have some experience with waves and I also did Triathlon and can easily swim 3 miles without even training.

The Wedge Newport Beach

But don’t think I would underestimate the power of waves. Oh no, I always had respect for the water especially when you know there was a Shark Attack a year ago on this spot!
So I took my neoprene shirt and went into the water and it was so much fun. Going with these waves up and down and sliding, I just loved it. I was in the water with a group of 15 people and somebody was jelling from the beach site and at one point everybody was looking at me. A man swam up to me and asked me if I have fins? “Nope”! It was the lifeguard who was yelling at me and he told me to get out of the water. That was my 15 minutes experience with the waves and it was intense and fun.
If you read this just make sure, that you know what you are doing, have some experience and use the fins. 🙂


I found these fantastic photos of “The Wedge” on Instagram that gives you a better understanding of this place!

Location The Wedge Newport Beach

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”
John F. Kennedy

Listen & download this free ocean sounds from California at “The Wedge”!

Free Relaxing Ocean Sound at Sunset.

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Free Ocean Sound from the Jetty.

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