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Recordings bustling supermarket sound effects in Singapore: An exciting experience

Visiting Mustafa, one of Singapore’s largest and most popular shopping centers, is an experience in itself. The 400,000 sq four-level store building offers a wide range of products and services, attracting over 15,000 customers on busy weekends. On a Sunday morning, we made our way to Mustafa to record the bustling ambience of a busy supermarket.


Recording the sounds of a busy shopping center with binaural microphones

To record the bustling sounds of the shopping center, I used my binaural microphones, which I placed inside my ears, to record the authentic soundscape of the grocery store including crowd walla, and the general bustle in English, Tamil, and Mandarin.


Sounds to expect in the Supermarket Sound Effects Library

The Supermarket Sound Effects Library includes a wide range of sounds, including cash registers beeping, the hum of ventilation and air conditioning systems, the sounds of refrigerators, shopping carts moving around, and the handling of plastic bags at the check out counters. Get ready to immerse yourself in the lively and chaotic atmosphere of a busy supermarket!

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