Supermarket Sound Effects – Grocery Store Ambience

Recordings bustling supermarket sound effects in Singapore

I think most of the field recorder out there would agree with me that supermarket ambiance is one of the trickiest sounds to get if you are looking for a “clean” recording. I went to so many bustling stores and thought “what a great walla” but knew I can’t record it. Because of the music coming from the loudspeakers. From the smallest grocery store up to the largest malls, I had no luck in the past.

Check Out The Black Friday Department Store Walla From 2017 recorded in the US!

Then finally we went to the largest and one of the most famous shopping centers in Singapore, “Mustafa”. Seriously this center has everything you are looking for. It is a four-level store building with 400,000 sq and the numbers of items are far beyond 300000.
But not only you can buy groceries, clothes or electronic items you can book flights or even apply for a VISA. I personally love Mustafa because we find things that other places like Fairprice or Cold Storage don’t have.

How did I record the supermarket sound effects

It is definitely an experience to come here for shopping if you are visiting Singapore. We arrived on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t that crowded by the time but on a regular weekend, you will be one of 15000 costumers.
By the way, Mustafa is open 24 hours/7 days a week.

supermarket sound effects


recording binaural with Soundman OKM Rock Studio

I did several recordings on different locations and levels inside the shopping center. I walked around the alleys and stood next to the checkout register. For the recordings itself, I used my binaural microphones that I can place inside my ears to record the ambience.

What sounds can you expect in this new sound library

-an overall supermarket ambiance with crowd walla, washy walla and general bustle in English and if I am correct in Thamil and Mandarin/Cantonese.
-lots of checkout cash register beeping, scanner beeping or till sounds
-ventilation and air condition hum, the sound of refrigerators, scanning beeps, trolleys moving around, lots of handling noise with plastic bags next to the check out counters

Location Mustafa Shopping Center

You can actually do an interactive tour via Google Maps inside the shopping center. Choose the levels on the right site to go up and down.

If you come to Singapore make sure you visit Mustafa and bring your recording gear. If you forgot it I am sure you can buy a recorder somewhere inside the store. 🙂

Time for me to move on and record more sounds in Singapore!
Happy New Year to all of you,

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